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Trunk Organizers / Organization: Pictures Please !

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I know this a little odd...but I plan on carrying a lot of car-care products , First Aid kit , road flares , emergency blankets etc. Wanting to be organized and secure while whipping around in the V. What have you guys done in terms of Boxes , Trunks , Containers mounted in the Trunk?

I did a quick ebay/amazon search and got mostly crap. Anyone done anything cool in this regard?
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No pic to share, but was thinking about picking this trunk mat up. Anyone have it? Also, anyone have part numbers for the carpet hold downs? The awesome plastic threads are pretty stripped out on mine. I suppose there enough meat to maybe put a steel helicoil in, anyone tried it?

Trunk mat:

I would like some sort of organizer though. By the time I get home from grocery shopping, not a single item remains inside a bag. It's not my fault. The car was asking for it.
I wanted that trunk mat (to match floor mats) but the price drove me off. It's damn nice though....

Grocery store is walking distance for me , but extra oil , serp belt spare , car care products , paper towels , cloth rags , basic tools , First Aid kit , road flares , can of Quick-Air , blanket etc. have to be secured somehow.

BTW TST_Brah ..... you don't happen to be the Raven V1 I see blasting through the Traffic Circle and up Lakewood Blvd most evenings are you ?
Definitely not me haha! I'm up in the SCV, and normally on the bike in the afternoon. Now that school's out and I don't have to drop the kid off, I'll be in the car less than I am already.
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