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Trunk Organizers / Organization: Pictures Please !

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I know this a little odd...but I plan on carrying a lot of car-care products , First Aid kit , road flares , emergency blankets etc. Wanting to be organized and secure while whipping around in the V. What have you guys done in terms of Boxes , Trunks , Containers mounted in the Trunk?

I did a quick ebay/amazon search and got mostly crap. Anyone done anything cool in this regard?
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I have a collapsible trunk organizer that is a GM Accessory part, 12498559. Funnily enough, the best pictures I can find of the thing are on an Acura website - It only takes maybe 15 or 20 seconds to open it up or close it down. When everything is folded flat it's probably about 1.5" thick, and I'd say it weighs 5-10#. As I recall it came with some straps and little screw-down attachment points, but I didn't want to install those, so I put some Velcro pads (the hard side) on the corners so it would stick to the trunk mat.

It's pretty nice, but I wish there was a smaller version. It's too long to fit back between the rear shock towers, and it's too long to turn it sideways in the trunk. Basically, it has to sit right at the trunk opening, so its utility is limited in that respect.

Edit: Just searched on Amazon for the GM part and found it for ~$80 (list price is $125). The ad is stupid, though, in that it doesn't show the thing open! :nono: Then I noticed one of the "related ads" is the Highland 1980000 Space Master Vehicle Cargo Organizer - same thing, just without the GM logo on it, and only $58 w/free Prime shipping! Gotta love it!
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No pic to share, but was thinking about picking this trunk mat up. Anyone have it? Also, anyone have part numbers for the carpet hold downs? The awesome plastic threads are pretty stripped out on mine. I suppose there enough meat to maybe put a steel helicoil in, anyone tried it?
I helicoiled all mine - 6mm-1.0. Works great, and seemed to me to be much more reasonable than spending $100+ on the aluminum knobs someone was selling.
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