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Trunk & Fuel Filler Release (again)

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The Fuel Filler Release and Trunk Release on my 1994 Deville Concours just suddenly quit working. I know this has been discussed but I don't find any very compelling explanation in the online posts.

1. The trunk release works from the keyless remote fine, just not from the dash button.

2. The fuel filler release does not work at all.

3. No blown fuses.

4. The bypass in the glove box is "on" ie not bypassed.

So I don't think it's a common ground problem else why would the trunk release work with the keyless remote.

It would seem to most likely involve the bypass circuit but unfortunately I don't have a wiring diagram to work this out. If someone knows where this is likely to be corrected I would appreciate a heads-up.

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Have you solved the problem yet?
I am currently having the same problem. Removed both motors to check with a power supply and both are good!
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