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I bought something very similar to this and keep it in the truck.

This 400 amp jump-start system provides a safe, easy way to start your engine without another vehicle or additional power source. It is cordless and rechargeable and powered by a sealed lead-acid battery.

  • Starts engine without use of another vehicle
  • 12 volt DC power outlet for powering/recharging
  • 12 volt DC charging cord for charging from vehicle
  • 27" heavy duty welder-type cable and clamps

It will jump start the car, air up the tire(s) with the built in compressor, has a cig lighter port to power/charge cell phone, and my model also has a USB port if a device is USB powered. They're around 50.00 at Sam's club.
I have the same one from Sams Club. Actually bought one for all 3 of my cars. Very disappointed in the air compressor though. Needed to fill up my spare on my jeep when i got a flat on vacation, as the spare was low on air... Took 20 minutes to get it up to just 25 PSI. Finally I said screw it and drove over to a gas station. I'm probably going to invest in a better 12 volt compressor.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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