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true scale model?

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Hello i know there is members in this forum that are interested in scale modells of cadillacs.
I was wondering if any of you are familiare with this modell i found on a auctions site.
It is a coupe De Ville convertible 76 ???according to the ad, and it is the body from a -75 or -76 according to the headlights.
I don't know the manufactor so i don't know what country it is made in, but i think it is strange that they build a modell of a car that , to my knowledge, never existed, other than maybe custom built.
My question- is this a copy of a actual car or have the manufactor used it's "free hands" to do this modell

edit. The pic was so small so i add the URL:s instead,

/ jolle


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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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