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true scale model?

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Hello i know there is members in this forum that are interested in scale modells of cadillacs.
I was wondering if any of you are familiare with this modell i found on a auctions site.
It is a coupe De Ville convertible 76 ???according to the ad, and it is the body from a -75 or -76 according to the headlights.
I don't know the manufactor so i don't know what country it is made in, but i think it is strange that they build a modell of a car that , to my knowledge, never existed, other than maybe custom built.
My question- is this a copy of a actual car or have the manufactor used it's "free hands" to do this modell

edit. The pic was so small so i add the URL:s instead,

/ jolle


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very nice, i dont normally buy 1/43 but those are pretty nice. i would buy them if i could understand what that site says.
hey Mike, you know that Cadillac dealership you bought, they dont have it around here. i went to Hallmark today and they said they dont carry them. they are gonna call the Bristol store and see if maybe they got it, if not then they are gonna try to order it for me. this sucks, can i have yours?
Stoneage_Caddy said:
keep me posted ....if you cant get it ill get one , youll pay sticker+ shipp
what? you wont drive it up here and deliver it personally? ha, just kidding. hey is there room for two cars? i want to put my 34 Fleetwood and 32 Phaeton V 16 in it (both 1/32 scale).
Stoneage_Caddy said:
no way to get cars in and out of it ....youd have to cut the ceramic somewhere to get the cars in .....but i dont know how youd do it without risking destorying the 80 dollar unit
cut the bottom out with a... ah crap why cant i think of the name of this tool... oh god what the hell... anyway, i know how id do it. they still havent called me and that was yesterday when i asked... obviously they cant get it.
Stoneage_Caddy said:
wait the light goes in thru the bottm .....that wont work
i think, that dremel rotor or something? anyway, cut around the base of it so the floor comes out, place cars on the floor and glue the floor back in, see my angle?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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