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True or False I have a Cd Changer hook up in my 97 Deville

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I am asking if I have a factory wire in my trunk somewhere that I can get a factory Cd Changer for my 97 Deville. Curently I only have a tape player in my stock unit. I have not having a Cd player and looking to stay factory as long as possible. If I do have a hookup for a changer, where would it be located in trunk???
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false...if it didnt come from factory with the cd player in trunk you dont have one.but i belive you can go to cadillac and see if they will sell you the harness you need.good luck
Everything I ever read about it says the wiring is there somewhere and you just have to get the changer and put it in.
Our deville did not come with a CD Changer as well, but there is a plug of some sort in the trunk. Not sure of what you would use it for.
Not necessarily 100% relevant, but my 2000 STS does not have a CD Changer, but it does have the hookup for it, which is how I attached my Sirius to the car.
Superdawg what side was that connection in the trunk? Or was it up in the deck lid?
In the STS, the cd changer goes in the center console. It was clipped to a tab on the inside of the console. I'd check behind the trim panels around where the cd changer is intended to be mounted.
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