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ElDiablo83 said:
Hey folks, I need some help in trouble shooting a problem with my Eldorado. When cool it runs fine except for the sluggish performance however after a few hours of running around town, mixed interstate and surface street driving, it starts hesitating severly and becoming harder to start and keep running. This apparently is a thermal kind of thing since it is worse as the day warms up. Where should I begin searching to try to clear this up? Also I am looking for suggestions as to what resource information ( repair manuals, etc.) that I should have on hand to address things that I can work on at home versus those requiring professional attention. Thanks, Kerry

I would try to hook up with a scanner and read the data that the computer is seeing. It is the easiest way to see if the O2 sensor is doing it's job. You can also do it with a DVOM or Lab Scope. I'm going to assume you don't have any of these so if you haven't replaced the O2 sensor in the last 30,000 miles, that would be my first try.

It also sounds like a good candidate for a Motorvac treatment.

Good Luck. bf
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