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Here's an interesting piece on the current challenges of the military to keep itself from becoming short-staffed in the near future.

"The Army will spend about $320 million next fiscal year on recruitment marketing, up from $240 million this year and $200 million in fiscal 2004. That's $4,000 per recruit if they sign up 80,000 next year -- or more than twice what Toyota Motor Corp. spends to attract a new customer."

"With an insurgency raging in Iraq and casualties rising, the U.S. Army faces one of the toughest marketing challenges around. Turned off by an increasingly unpopular war, thousands of young men and women who might typically have joined the military to get an education, jump-start their careers, or simply to defend their country are standing down. As a result, when the Army completes fiscal 2005 on Sept. 30, it is expected to be 7,000 short of its 80,000-person recruiting goal."
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