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Triple Grey Limo - anyone interested?

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walking around town with a friend of mine we discovered what seems at a glance to be a pretty good car. its a 90, 91 or a 92 (not exactly sure) brougham limo in triple grey. the owners daughter was just pulling in when we approached the car and all she could really tell us was that her father was taking offers on the car and it had a new exhaust, runs fine, and needs a lil body work. i asked to look inside and its not trashed, but it would need more than just armor-all to make the back perfect again. its got a few issues, obviously. the vynil top would definatly need replacing, the hood embelem is missing, and theres a shallow but wide dent in one of the rear doors. all the spacers looked very good and the paint had blemishes but nothing id get too anal about. overall it didnt look terrible. judging from the fact that the exhaust was recently replaced, i dont doubt that it runs ok. ill be checking back to the house tomorro (hopefully) to see if i can talk to the owner and get some pics for you guys. its nothing id buy, (as if i have the money for that - no job and one caddy is hard enough!) i just want it to go into good hands. if anyones really interested let me know if you want any special pics of anything and ill do my best for you. its located in gales ferry, connecticut.
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I tried to convince my wife that I could get a limo so we could get better mpg than the 10 mpg city the 454 Suburban gets... She didn't buy into the idea....
I've got a 96 six door and it's a blast to travel in. My neighbor down the street is selling an '88 six door and can't get $2200 for it. It's in really nice shape. The limos are great for traveling but are sort of a pain for parking. The way I look at it is you can buy and insure a limo for less than the price of a decent ATV. And you can use the limo a heckuva lot more with the family.

The problem is people always want to borrow it. Not a big deal, but I do make them sign a purchase agreement for the full amount with a return as purchased clause. If they smash it, they bought it - and it's on their insurance. I'm not so worried about them wrecking it, but if a pedestrian jumps out in front of them, it's their problem.
well i went for a second look at the car and if anyone is interested, ill go back and get a phone number for you but i dun think anyone is gonna be for $4500....

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