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Trim alignment

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Was walking to my car today and notice the doors did not line with body. On closer inspection, it's the window trim popping up, probably a loose nut or screw holding the trim down.
Anyone have experience on how to access those screws or nuts?

Driver door and pass.

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Make sure the doors are not out of alignment. Look at the top and bottom of the doors.
To get to the screws for the Door Frame Reveal Molding, You need to take off the inner door trim panel and outside mirror.
# 1.
Front Door Frame Reveal Molding Screw (Qty: 9)
Thank you danog for the timely response and diagram, I will take pics and post when I am finish.

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Isn't that the rear driver's side door?

Taking the door apart could be a huge bother. I'm sure I'd break something. May I suggest adhesive? You'd have to be careful not to interfere with your window operation, and clamping it might be tricky. Lower the window and strap around the door?
You are right, it is rear driver's door but procedure probably the same. I have never taken back door panels off before, will take my time and hopefully find these screws or nuts still in place before working themselves loose like a few other places (side view mirror, both sides, intake manifold).

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