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I own schmidty tuning and have ATSV's 60 footing harder than any other tuner. Im not sure what rev limiter you are talking about but you cant rev an auto car beyond what the torque converter will allow and a manual car sitting on a limiter doesnt build boost anyways so it is worthless reallly but fwiw, its simply setting the neutral RPM limiter below the overall engine limiter on a manual car.

If you would like to send me a message here or [email protected] id be happy to discuss the differences with you more in depth but basically trifecta is designed to be more of a plug and play tune where as others like myself do custom tuning using Hptuners software.

Im the only tuner thats put stock turbo ATSVs in the 9s and being totally custom, I can do anything from wild to mild and adjust the car to get it exactly how you want it to feel.
I can’t attest, Justin just tuned my car we’ve done 9+ revisions to get it
Perfectly where I want it. The car is a complete animal, and tame when it needs to be! Go
With him over trifecta 1000% you’ll be glad you didn’t just ots it
81 - 81 of 81 Posts