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Travel towing questions for a 07 Escalade

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I just purchased a 07 Escalade with the factory 22" wheel package. Does anyone have any experience towing a travel trailer (about 5000 #) with these wheels and tires?

Also has anyone installed a battery isolator in the 07? If yes, what model and amp rating.

I understand that the alternator on the 07 is a 160 amp rated alternator, but I have been unable to verify this to be correct. Any info would be appreciated.

Any other towing hints for this vehicle setup would be appreciated. I did glean from the Owners Manual that placing the truck in tow/haul mode will raise the voltage regulator setting for the alternator to compensate for the additional battery loads.

Thanks for the help.

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I have towed with one of my two 07' Escalade's, once from PA to Quebec and back, that was with 18's and my snow tires, and I just towed from the Pocono's back to my other PA home with 22's, that was only 100 miles. I installed dual batteries in my 07's. My trailer I was pulling was about 7000 lbs to Quebec and about 5500 lbs from the Pocono's. The 07' did great pulling the trailer, it was a better ride since I installed Hotchkis sway bars handling wise pulling the trailer, you will know you are pulling a trailer if you are going up and down thru the mountains, but on flat roads you almost forget it's behind you. You do have electric brakes on the trailer right? You want them. :)
Yes, I have electric brakes with a prodigy controller. I got that hooked up and checked out the electrical functions of the controller, brakes, and lights wiring to the trailer. I also have a sway bar system installed on the trailer and hitch that I have used previously. Since I only have 300 miles on the Escalade, I haven't actually hitched it up and pulled the trailer. I will wait until I break the Escalade in some more.

I will probably back the truck up to the trailer today and adjust the hitch ball heighth, and then hook up the equalizer bars and see what I will need to get the whole rig setting level.

Still trying to determine what to use for the battery isolator system.

I have been towing snowmobile trailer (20ft to 26ft enclosed) since the late 80's with Suburban's and even Grand Cherokee's and never had a battery isolator of any type.
I know one person on here has towed with 26" wheels and said he had no problem...Has anybody else towed with 26"s?
Did you order your Escalade with the towing package? Or did you add later. I noticed on my wife's truck, that it has what looks like a piece you can remove in the back, but I haven't had the chance to look into it. Or is it hidden back there?
It's standard on all 07's, all models. It's behind the filler plate. :)
There are two captured thumb nuts on the bottom of the filler/cover plate at the back bumper. Turn those two thumb nuts 90 degrees, and gently pull down and out to remove the cover plate. The hitch receiver (2") is already there as well as a 7 conductor standard electrical connection. It is already wired and ready to go; except for two connections that are under the hood. One of the wires is approximately above the steering, and it is taped to a cable bundle. This cable can be terminated to a 12 volt stud in the underhood fuse box. it provides 12 volt power to whatever you are towing (i.e., travel trailer, etc.) The second connection is taped down on the drivers side of the underhood fuse box and it is for electrical brakes. If you are going to use electric brakes, there are several wires (4) up under the driver side of the dash. They are taped together, and have a label on them that states what each wire is for. NOTE: Make sure you look at your brake controller wiring diagram and make sure you connect the correct wires to each other. Do not just go by the wire color as they will probably not match. BTW, When I made the underhood connections, I ran both of the power supplies through 30 Amp circuit brakers, just for safety.

Also, the power supply to the brake controller is not wired throught the ignition, and therefore, is always on. Be sure that you have a brake controller that has a "sleep" mode, or powers down in some manner. If not, you will have to remove the controller from the truck when not using the brakes, to prevent running the battery down.


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That is why I added a second battery in the tray that was missing one from the factory. :)
Does anyone make a 'no splice' wiring kit for a brake controller? Prodigy has a bunch for various vehicles, including older Escalades, but nothing for 2007 as far as I can find.

Hypo, where did you install your Prodigy controller in the Escalade? Any pics? Also, did you get the intellistop model? That model doesn't have a sleep feature, but you just remove the unit.
I installed my Prodigy controller just under the bottom lip of the dashboard. There is a screw there that goes through the bottom plastic dashboard panel into a metal bracket. It was a good solid point. Once I got that one screw back in, I drilled a second hole for the second mounting hole through the plastic strip, (inline with the first screw mount hole). When the controller is installed in the mounting bracket it sticks out where you can rach down and use the manual lever, if necessary. The location clears my right leg just fine, even when on the brake. My wife thinks that it will hit her leg when she steps on the brake, but I pointed out to her that she won't be the one driving while pulling the trailer. I haven't got any pictures, will try to post them. I have had that Prodigy unit for several years, don't remember the model number.

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