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Transmission slow shifting

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I have an 89 deville with 288,000 miles, I'm starting to have some transmission problems. When I first start out everything seems to be fine. Then, the car doesn't seem to want to go. I have to let off the gas and gradually give it some gas until it finally kicks in. Once I hit about 30 or so everything seems normal. A while back I disconnected my throttle control sensor because my car was reving too high. Would this have an effect on my tranny?
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No, but low fluid would or a TV cable sticking or misadjusted. By you saying'"doesnt want to go" do you mean the engine revves up but the car doesnt go forward? or the car is sluggish? A badly plugged trans filter would also cause this. Any trans shop could adjust the TV cable in about 3 minutes if you are unfamiliar.
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