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Transmission RPO code confusion

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Hello All,

Quick question for clarity. The previous owner of my truck has a documented 50k transmission fluid exchange interval that I would like to keep going. Being right at 150k, I will be scheduling a simple drain and fill transmission service with new filter and I am also considering have the shift solenoids (OEM) changed for preventative maintenance as well. My questions is how can I confirm which transmission I have. The RPO code in my glove box says M32. When I cross reference online, I see both transmissions under the single RPO code:

M32~ 4speed, HMD, heavy duty 4L60-E/4L65-E

Any ideas or direction is appreciated!


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The 4L65e is often referred to as the 4L60e HD( Heavy Duty version). Confusing, but the same beefier transmission.
Additional information on the 4L60E and 4L65E
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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