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Transmission problems with new install

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I needed to replace the transmission on my '03 Deville. The new tranny is all bolted up and filled with fluid to the middle of the cold mark. But when I started the car and shifted through all the gears I'm still got getting anything out of the transmission. I pulled the cooler lines to see if any fluid was pumping, but I'm not getting anything comming out of the lines.

I'm about to pull all my hair out. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could have done wrong or what to check next? And yes I did put the torque converter bolts in.
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Transmission fluid levels do not change when the engine is running or not. I put in 3 quarts to start with. Even if I did overfill it shouldn't there be some kind of fluid pumping out of the lines going to the cooler?

If this is a dry sump unit and the side case is not the resevoir, then how to do I fill the resevoir that the pump pulls from? And where is it?
thanks for the input guys. So the tranny is a used speciman that I picked up. As far as I know the torque converter has not been off the tranny, atleast while I have had it. I did reseat the converter at one point to make sure it was on all the way before it was jacked into place. But when I installed it the converter was about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch space between the torque converter and the flywheel. Usually, on other tranny's I've done, if the torque converter is not on correctly it will not allow you to have that space. But I guess that does not mean that the hex drive is in there. I did find it on my old tranny when i pulled the torque converter off. I guess I can call the guy that I got it from and ask him if the converter ever came off.

EDIT: I talked with the guy that pulled it out of an '04 Deville and he said that the converter never came off. He suggested that I take it to the dealer and get the transmission reflashed. Will going from one year transmission to another have issues with the computers somehow? I'm not sure if the guy knows what he's talking about or was just hoping to feed me a line so he didn't have to talk to me.
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Well, I spend 7 hours last night pulling out the tranny. And guess what, no pump drive shaft. So I dropped in the one from my old transmission. Hopefully I'll be able to slap it all back together today and test it out.
My one big fear is that I'm going to get this transmission into place and then find out that it doesn't work or that the tranny starts leaking out of the seals with the bearing problem. The output shafts are a little wiggle in them, but I'm not sure where the cut off point is for what is good or bad. It didn't look like it was leaking at all.
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