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Transmission problems with new install

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I needed to replace the transmission on my '03 Deville. The new tranny is all bolted up and filled with fluid to the middle of the cold mark. But when I started the car and shifted through all the gears I'm still got getting anything out of the transmission. I pulled the cooler lines to see if any fluid was pumping, but I'm not getting anything comming out of the lines.

I'm about to pull all my hair out. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could have done wrong or what to check next? And yes I did put the torque converter bolts in.
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Middle of the coldmark?

I thought the fluid could only be checked with the trans running Hot?

How many quarts did you pour in. When I did mine almost 11 quarts got it perfect.

Yet, I had become an expert on the fill procedure due to the fact I "attempted" to repair my original unit.
Brutal..........plain brutal.

Hopefully it shifts without a problem.

You stated a lot in your post. It's true and I've even stated it, these aren't "user friendly" powerstrains. You need a lot of patience with these things. Again, as you stated you have to know when to cut your loses.

They are lovely cars when they are cooperating, but when they start acting up they'll test your patience.

I hope all your repairs will be minor ones.........
From experience,

The left side axle should little to no play when wiggled. The right side may show a little. ANY slop on the left can spell disaster.

On the replacement transmission, look directly below the left side axle seal and look for any clean shaped "v" spot, indicating leakage.

If you can remove the left side axle/tripot joint, inspect the shaft that rides on the bushing for scoring or wear.

Been there, done that.........
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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