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Transmission Leaks

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2005 Cadillac Deville DTS 4.6L - 4T80E Transmission.

Good evening all,

I've had transmission leak issues with this car since I purchased it. Originally it had a serious leak which turned out to be the Output Shaft Seal with the loose bearing inside the transmission. I repaired it with Mike Lawson's machined Axle Stabilizer kit and it stopped that leak in it's tracks (THANK YOU!!)

However the leaks continue (though it's significantly minor now). We serviced the transmission and replaced the filters and the fluid as we noticed the pan gasket was leaking. We replaced the gasket with a FelPro replacement, fitment was good. We torqued as needed and yet the pan continues to leak. Is there something we are doing wrong, or does this car have problems warping transmission pans??

Any help is appreciated. Thank you guys!
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