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Transmission issues for 2006 DTS

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I have a 2006 DTS. I just had the tranny serviced at a transmission shop at 99K on the speedo. (The tranny is working fine, I just wanted it to stay fine.) The service writer at the shop said that I should get rid of the car as the torque converters usually blow at about 125K or so. That has me concerned as I have had the car since2006 and have tried to take good care of it and was hoping it would last another 10 years or so. What do you all think? I did some searching on the forum but found nothing regarding miles and torque converter failures. Thanks
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I searched too. I read there ready good durable transmissions. I just can't figure out what effect my loose passenger side output shaft has on ride vibration or if I have an exception to the norm and it needs to be serviced. So far since it warmed up outside everything seems to be better in my case.
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