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Transmission hard shift, metal shavings - 2010 SRX

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So need a little help with this my 2010 Cadillac SRX upon starting the car and trying to shift into gear it does not shift out of first gear. However with warming the car up and letting it sit for a little while it then will hard jump into Drive. How did checked out and was told that there are metal shavings in the transmission fluid the car has 102,000 something miles on it not sure if I should have the transmission replaced or if I should just get a new car?
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$2600 to $3500 he told me he would have to look at it and pull apart to see the problem, so it could be more.

What was the transmission replcement $$ estimate?

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$2500 to $3500 could be more depending on what’s actually wrong. I was thinking maybe the gear pack needs replacement
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