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Transmission flush by cooler pipe

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Hi guys,

I'm going to flush my tranny tomorrow (100k on it).

Dou you know which cooler pipe is outlet which one is inlet?
Is this described somewhere?
I can't find it on


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Imma plus infinity on that one.

Flushing is a REALLY bad idea.
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Boat, to be fair, the term "flush" is different than a fluid exchange, which is what the OP describes. From what most of us have experienced, "trans" and "flush" in the same sentence is worthy of complete freak-out.

I considered doing it with the lines and to large, new plastic buckets, but feared I'd not get the correct amount back in, or lose too much while reconnecting the fittings.

Do yourself a favor and put a drain plug in the pan. The fill plug is really unpleasant to access and use, while the engine is warm, as it's immediately next to the exhaust.

Next time, though, you merely turn a lever to drain and use an inexpensive, simple hand pump to put exactly how much came out, back in.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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