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With all the work I have been doing on this guy's Eldorado, replaced filters and pan seal because it was more like a strainer. He is on a budget and wanted to reuse the old fluid because it looks fine (hell no). The last repair was a broken headlight, turn signal lens, small rear ender. He showed up with a turn signal bulb and 1 xenon headlight bulb (WTF) neither bulb would have fit even. Then I explained why Fire, Aim, Ready is not the way. So skip to today, I have to return the water pump tool to get my deposit back, I decided to return that bulb to offset what the new fluid was going to cost ($28 bulb, holy hell). I went back to the ATF aisle $25/gal cheapest, $8/quart, then I see 2 rows closeout $2/quart

no clue what it is but the price was right, so Google away, took a few minutes but the formulation abbreviations WS and LV finally cracked it. It's Dexron VI Mercon LV, relabeled as a premium price ($10 originally) specialty foreign fluid. The only reason it was still there is no one took the time to decode the bottle. I bought all 6 quarts from that Autozone and the 6 from the one across town so now I don't have to pour dirty fluid back in a clean and now sealed transmission, pan looks like it hadn't been dropped in a decade, but it was going through a quart plus per month from leaking so fluid did look good. Still new new fluid and didn't go out of pocket.

Pan now looks good, but everything around it is coated in grease and grime from engine sweat is the best term because there is no obvious source, yet everything is coated.
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