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Ok, here are some of the steps.... Very Easy if you get this

The great thing about this Fluid Extractor is it shows you the exact amount extracted, then you fill with the exact amount and top off....

1. Remove Transmission Dip Stick, Lower Right Front of car.
2. Insert smallest tube into transmission fill neck till it stops.
3. Open valve on Extractor, watch your dirty fluid dump into the Extractor. ( At around 5 Quarts, I moved the tube up and down a few times to suction a bit more)
4. Filled with 5 Quarts of Fresh Castrol Dex VI
5. Started Car, ran through gears a few times, it was exactly 5 quarts.
6. Test drive and re-check..

Power Steering:
1. Remove Cover over Engine, on 2013 and newer, you will need to remove 1 screw on top of cover, then pull up on cover.
2. Remove Power Steering Cap, Left rear area.
3. Insert tube from fluid extractor and move around till you extract all fluid ( Less than a quart ).
4. Refill with Castrol Dex VI or similar.
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