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Trans Goes to Neutral on Heavy Acceleration

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(2004 3.6 liter, 8K miles. Car mostly babied.) I was driving in D about 30 miles an hour and then attempted to accelerate rapidly. The RPMs shot up and the transmission plopped into neutral even though the transmission still showed D. I had to shift into 4 to proceed. Is this a known problem? Could I have misperceived the purported disengagement?
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BaseBoy said:
Could I have misperceived the purported disengagement?
If you aren't an attorney, you should be!!!
Did it just do it once? You may not have had it fully in gear. If it does it more than once than you need to visit your Caddy Service Dept.
Check your trans fluid, but it sounds like there's a a stall converter problem. See dealer for further information. ;)
yeah do what the others say..

then have the dealership check the linkage cables, it might have to be adjusted (when in D you are actually on the edge of D and it bumped into N)
If it happens more than once, get it to the dealer for warranty job.
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