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Tranny2000 Sts

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I have hit 125,000 kms on a 2000 sts without a transmission oil change. When i shift into drive the car this a poiisble reason or is that the pressure of the oil in the lines?

Any ideas?

thanks for any help
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Unless you tow, race or do something really weird with your Caddy your Transmission fluid should last the life of the car.

I'm pretty sure your '00 has an Tranny Oil life monitor... What does it say... On most cars it will read >90% unless the tranny has over heated sometime in its life...

Most people with the "Bad Clunk shifting into Drive" find that their front motor mount, which lives at the bottom "front" of the motor by the oil filter is going south...

Motor mounts are one of those "common issues" with our cars... Powerful Motor, Heavy Car... Do the math...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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