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Hey, I pulled some codes. They are as follows:

e024 - VSS signal problem [c/c, vcc]
e030 - ISC RMP out of range
e031 - no clue...
e075 - intermittent VSS signal
e098 - High RPM P/N to D/R Shift under ISC

Now, I know what the 39/98 were from. However I don't know what the e024 is getting at. By looking through the other threads it's the Vehicle Speed Sensor but I don't know which one it is. Is there any way to find out which of the two it is (hard or easy to reach)? What does the c/c and vcc stand for in the 24?

This would make sense since the symptoms are as follows: I step on the gas and the RPM's shoot up however the car doesn't really go... I mean it doesn't have very good throttle response like it used to.

Any input is appreciated!

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