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2008 SRX V6 RWD Sport
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I have an 09 RWD V6 with the trailering package. On the dash is a button with a trailer. I read the owners manual but it doesn't say much about what it does. As best as I can tell it modifies how/when the transmission shifts.

Can someone tell me what this switch does??


This is explained on pages 4-41 to 4-43 in the 2008 Owners Manual

Tow/Haul Mode
Tow/haul is designed to assist while your vehicle is
pulling a large or heavy load or trailer. Tow/haul is most
useful while pulling such a load in rolling terrain, in
stop-and-go traffic, or when you need improved
low-speed control, such as when parking. The purpose
of the tow/haul mode is to do the following:
• Reduce the frequency and improve the predictability
of transmission shifts when pulling a heavy trailer or
a large or heavy load.
• Provide the same solid shift feel when pulling a
heavy trailer or a large or heavy load as when
the vehicle is unloaded.
• Improve control of vehicle speed while requiring
less throttle pedal activity when pulling a heavy
trailer or a large or heavy load.
Tow/haul is designed to be most effective when the
vehicle and trailer combined weight is at least 75 percent
of the vehicle’s Gross Combination Weight Rating
(GCWR). See “Weight of the Trailer” later in this section.

Press this button, located
below the climate control
system, to enable/disable
the tow/haul mode.
A light on the instrument
panel will illuminate to
indicate that tow/haul
mode has been selected.
The vehicle will automatically turn off tow/haul every
time it is started.
Driving with tow/haul activated without a heavy load or
with no trailer will cause reduced fuel economy and
unpleasant engine and transmission driving
characteristics, but will not cause damage.

Hope this helps.
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