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2004 CTS V
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Note Moderator : Please don't move my post. This is not a "V Sighted' thread. I'm trying to contact my fellow enthusiast for a specific reason - to view his painted headlamps. 'General Discussion' is where I'm most likely to succeed . Thanks.

My friend....

I've seen you several times haulin the mail thru the Traffic Circle and up Lakewood Blvd. towards the airport.

I'v not been in my V any of those time.

Your headlights are painted and I'd like to see them - seriously considering doing mine but seeing pictures of other's completed headlights still leaves me needing more detail.

There's also a guy in Torrance , V1 who details my bosses cars (Tim G.) and according to him your V is the shit. Would like a gander if you're in the neighborhood !

The Ace
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