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Dripps said:
I have a 2005 SRX V6 AWD LOADED! It has Nav and rear entertainment and all those bells and whistles. I got good deal when I purchased it a year ago. I now have 19,000 miles on the car and no longer need this size vehicle. It's been great car, ride is wonderful, never any problem AND I purchased the 5 year, 100,000 mile in the end spent around $51000. Now I want to use this car for trade-in and know I'm going to take a beating but I really had no clue..... I go online and Kelly Blue Book gives it value around $36,000. I was hoping to get about 40,000 for this car. Why has the value dropped so much?? BMW dealer wouldn't even give me trade in price at all because what he was seeing was so low (sure in mid 20,000 range) so he was going to call high end wholesaler and see what he could find out. They are still selling new 2005's! Why am I having problem getting any fair value for trade? What can I expect if I list this to sell on my own?
DO NOT TRADE IN YOUR SRX! Sell it privately as Cadillac's are now the "it" car with all ages Therefore, it should sell fast and for thousands more then the dealers will trade you .

Keep in mind that any car's first years depreciation is huge. My '04 CTS had a sticker of $44,000 and a year later the dealer offered me $24,000 ! I sold it privatley for $29,500 to buy my STS. Leasing makes some sense with the resale value of many car's ( assuming you don't drive more then 15,000 miles per year).

Good luck and I hope you buy another Cadillac! Stay away from that BMW and buy American !!!!
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