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Seville 1997
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Dear all, I have the problem with my Seville '97.Shortly about the history of this car:

I got it few months ago imported from Japan with 89 000 km done. Everything was Ok, until I was told by police tech inspector to change all leaking shock absorbers. So I ordered all 4 from Arnott Inc. I replaced it and everything was good. After I felt that the power steering didn't work on Left and had steering rack replaced. After this till now i have "SERVICE RIDE CONTROL EXP 84" message on Dic while starting the engine.
But the main problem is TRACTION CONTROL LIGHTS come on sometimes during the trip and stays on. I noticed that it comes when i drive for a long time end it seems to me that it caused by the temperature of engine (when it little bit more than half) - i was thinking that it was the short to ground of engine fan relay, cause i feel pushes of the car while standing on "D" on traffic lights.
Anyway, I ran ONBOARD DIAGNOSTIC and it shows 2 current codes:
C1717 and B2560.
Can Somebody comment my problems?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Read the DTC sticky at the top of the forum page. There is a link there to decipher your codes. Post the code definition along with the codes to help us help you.
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