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Traction Control (Incident)!

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While I was driving to work this afternoon, I had quite an incident.

I had my traction control off, but the stability system was still active.

when I entered the round about and as I was about to exit, I accelerated the car, like I would normally do, but it span, it went around 280 degrees!

I tried to steer in the direction of skid but there was no hope to bring the car back, so I slammed on the brakes and the ABS kicked it, eventually stopping the car.

Why didn't the stability system kick in? Moreover, after the car came to a complete stop, the engine was off. Why would the engine cuts off? Is that a safety feature? Don't I need the engine to remain ON so that the Stabilitrack will work?
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WOW ! Koz you pull NO punches.
I can't believe you are complaining about traction, when you had the traction
control OFF ? I am glad it was ONLY an incident, and NO damage was done to
your "CADILLAC". I have to agree with Koz, With the following change.
"If" you are going to drive like NASCAR, and understand I "DO" every time I get
out there,and sometimes we get ourselves into unusual circumstances.
Let the machine work for you, and have it ready for anything, so it can
Help you get out of it, SAFELY ! If you were NOT on Snow or ICE,
I certainly would be thinking about new Tires that have a better traction
than the ones you have on there,and the pressures are correct for them.
I just ordered tire pressure indicators, that fit on the valve stem, to let me
know when any of them are "LOW" with an Amber or Red color to let me know
when it is low. Yes, I don't have TPM.If you like this idea, they are about
$ 1.00 a piece and a little shipping, look at when they alarm, and not the
exact pressure. Some alarm at 25 % and 30 % , so for 30 lbs, you would have to have 32's to alarm at 28. No one here probably knows what you asked for in your post. But Good Luck. and Happy SAFE driving. :cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2:
I would think the Stability controls other stuff , like possible rollover, and
not necessaraily skidding, But I could be wrong.....
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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