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Traction Control (Incident)!

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While I was driving to work this afternoon, I had quite an incident.

I had my traction control off, but the stability system was still active.

when I entered the round about and as I was about to exit, I accelerated the car, like I would normally do, but it span, it went around 280 degrees!

I tried to steer in the direction of skid but there was no hope to bring the car back, so I slammed on the brakes and the ABS kicked it, eventually stopping the car.

Why didn't the stability system kick in? Moreover, after the car came to a complete stop, the engine was off. Why would the engine cuts off? Is that a safety feature? Don't I need the engine to remain ON so that the Stabilitrack will work?
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Thanks for the advise on Safe driving Everybody.

I was looking for information on the engineering processes behind traction control and Stability System. What is the difference? The owner manual mentions that you can turn the Traction Control off, simply by pressing the button, and the Full Stability System by holding it for 5 seconds.

I might be having bad tires, the previous owner put a cheap kind, none of the famous ones, like Michelen or Bridgstones, so this could be the reason.

I am actually worried and don't feel as safe as I was before driving the car, that is why I was asking for advise, not because I want to do dognuts and smoke my tires in an irresponsible manner.

I would really appreciate anybody's help in explaining how the Traction Control and Stabilitrack system works in a technical engineering manner. Does it detect Yaw? ....
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