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1995 eldorado
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Hello from new Cadillac owner.
I just bought from auction a 95 Eldorado. Beautiful car. Runs and drives great. New Taupe pearl paint and everything works fine except.............. intermittent bubbles in the coolant. I am guessing head gasket. Yeh!!!
However I have traction control disabled, the ABS light is on and no first gear. A current code which is TO37--LR wheel speed sensor continuity fault. Where should I look to solve this issue?
I really don't know if I should cut my losses ($2500)or make a commitment to keep it.
I was impressed that I could drive 110k per hour with windows down and sunroof open and still carry on a conversation. Kinda sold me.
Anyone know of a great Northstar mechanic in the Kelowna British Columbia area?
Thanks to all
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