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Tracking down some codes and looking for some thought...

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Driving 95 STS with 57,000 miles on it. Just replaced mounts a few weeks ago hoping to fix a low speed clunking from the passenger side front wheel when going over bumps (not loud enough to make you stop but if you drive it enough with the radio down you can hear). Also hoped it would clear up the S071 code I've had for two years now. The sound seems to be worse the colder it is, but honestly it could just be coincidence or the fact it's winter and possibly has just been getting worse as it happened to get cooler. The mounts looked like hell but didn't fix issue, so I figured it was probably a bushing issue but hadn't gotten back under to really inspect.

Today was driving on freeway when out of nowhere Traction Disabled warning appeared with the ABS light. Driveability did not change at all and noticed no difference in my brakes or traction, or gearing (still had 1st). reset codes, drove around and this is what I got. Thoughts are welcome...

I027 - PRND321 switch failure (Not having any transmission issues so blowing that off right now)
T027 - LF Wheel Speed Sensor Continuity Fault (wheel bearing? If so, would explain why I started hearing a low, faint metallic scratching sound at low speeds with my windows down from the driver side)
S071 - Right Front Accelerometer Fault (been on for years, never noticed ride quality difference)

EDIT - Removed a couple codes cause I was an idiot and just clearing PCM codes. Forgot had to do one system at a time. The codes above are the ones persisting.
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