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track advice - swap out brake fluid?

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I normally swap out brake fluid in any car I take to the track w/ ATE superblue. Good idea with the V? Or are those brembos so good that the stock fluid works for 30min 8/10's sessions?

Track is Thunderhill - some reasonably hard braking zones, not a real easy track on brakes. Speeds pretty high in a few places.
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Swap it out IMO.

ATE is a great bang for buck fluid. If you want to spend more get Motul RBF 600 or Castrol SRF.

swapping out the fluid is a good thing, i also consider stainless steel lines. the fluid is still going to heat up, it just won't boil. as the fluid heats up the rubber lines will expand = brake fade...
Sounds like you're going to get a LOT of track time at your Dec 6 event... i'd swap it out. I run Motul 600.
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