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TPS codes

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I'm getting codes E22, E55, E70 and E85. All of these are concerned with the Throttle Position Sensor. E85 is a new one and is causing my "service engine" light to come on. E85 means that my throttle body needs to be serviced (throttle valve is not closing) is this something I can adjust or am I taking it to a shop.
Also, when I shut off the car my plunger on my ISC motor is going in and out rapidly taping against the throttle body lever for about 15 seconds which seems unusual. This is a brand new ISC motor just recently installed.
Any ideas on how to at least get the E85 taken care of so my service engine light isn't on.

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I think you have a bad ISC motor. It should not ratchet when shut down.
This is horseshit, I just bought it brand new from RockAuto. SOB!
Ranger, can you send me an email to [email protected] so I can reply w/ the video i took of the ISC motor to get your opinion.
All ISC's need to be adjusted after install. On a 92 I believe you retract it thru on board diagnostics, then once fully retracted, confirm a minimum air gap usually around .060. shut off car and restart. I also believe this 92 needs a throttle angle learn idle procedure as well. I know my 91 did. If the ISC is grossly misadjusted it will set throttle angle codes and will ratchet after shut off. This is why a factory service manual is so important. And if I were you I would calm the F down regarding ANY free help you get here!! Insulting RANGER might result in no more responses from anyone.
I was by no means insulting Ranger, he is a fellow Illini, I was F - in the ISC motor. I was going to be pissed at Rock Auto if they sold me a bumb ISC motor.
Thanks for the info regarding the relearn Carnut
I did not take your response personal. I knew what you meant. I did not know that you didn't adjust it. Doubt Rockauto sent you a defective ISC motor. Follow carnuts advice and I think you'll be OK. Sorry to lite you up for nothing.
No worries, Ranger, I've gotten nothing but great responses and help on this site for many of my questions.
I'll work on adjusting the TPS and ISC.

When you say factory service manual, do you mean the manual that came with the car when purchased? I bought this car used w/o a manual but bought a manual off of Ebay and also purchased a Haynes manual. In this manual do you think it will talk about the relearn procedure?
No, he means a FSM by Helm inc. Haynes and Chiltons are rather useless. Check Ebay.
If you have the HELM printing of the factory manual it will walk you thru the ISC adjustment and if necc, the idle relearn. I would not worry too much regarding the TPS yet. Do the ISC by the book and then erase all codes and drive it. And thanks for clearing that up, I obvously thought rangers response was taken by you as Horses---t.
I'm pretty sure my ISC ratchets after I turn the car off. I don't really pay attention anymore. I adjusted it a couple years ago just to verify it was correct and haven't touched it since. My car runs so good I won't touch anything unless it starts not running so good. I'm not so sure that the ratcheting means the ISC is defective. Maybe mine is misadjusted but it idles the way i like it in any temperature. The idle relearn procedure is in the owners manual though. Look under battery power loss in the index. If I drive the Caddy today I will listen for it and report back.
Oh yeah, and since you have those codes Sporty, yours must be out of adjustment. I just wanted to mention that the ratcheting doesn't necessarily mean it is horse****
I must admit that I heard my '92 ratchet before I knew anything about it. I ignored it and it never caused a problem and was still like that when I sold it at 125K.
How about someone being nice and posting a walk thru on how to adjust the ISC after its installed!! :)
Could you make it 101? lol I swear i search for stuff specifically and i dont find it. Cut and paste one you posted already? :)
OK, one more time. Press on the the plunger. It should retract. When it bottoms out, unplug it. Set the gap between the plunger and the throttle linkage to .060. Plug it back in. There is an idle learn procedure after this, but my understanding is just drive it and in a day or two it will learn on it's own. If the idle is still too high, low or erratic, than you'll have to search out the procedure. That I don't remember.
Thanks Ranger! i DO appreciate it! Am i doing this with the car running or key on? One last thing im not sure of is how exactly am i setting the .60 gap you speak of? I mean dumb it down for me, what specifically am i doing to do that?

Thanks for your patience with a dummy :)
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