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Had tires changed at tire store, not the dealer. Price was $150 per tire cheaper from dealer. Second day, TPMS read "0" pressure on drivers front side but was actually up to pressure. Tried to use RESET process without meter and could not activate all 4 wheels within the 5 minute time frame. Now the TPMS dash message indicates all need to be reset. Has anyone had this problem and does anyone know the name and model number of the reset tool for the 2011 SRX Performance? Thanks.

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this tool
TPMS Sensor Matching
Each TPMS sensor has a unique
identification code. The identification
code needs to be matched to a
new tire/wheel position after rotating
the vehicle’s tires or replacing
one or more of the TPMS sensors.
Also, the TPMS sensor matching
process should be performed after
replacing a spare tire with a road
tire containing the TPMS sensor.
The malfunction light and the DIC
message should go off at the next
ignition cycle. The sensors are
matched to the tire/wheel positions,
using a TPMS relearn tool, in the
following order: driver side front tire,
passenger side front tire, passenger
side rear tire, and driver side rear.
See your dealer for service or to
purchase a relearn tool.

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FWIW, we've had a couple of previous threads about TPMS issues.

The wife's 2011 has random problems with the TPMS losing the connection to one or more wheels. Seems worse when colder. Since battery voltage is affected by temperature, it could be just that. Since the weather warmed up, they're all there all the time.

Buy a $65 Chicom TPMS reset tool, as dealers think it's a license to steal.
jack vines
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