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Tpms relearning

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Just swapped out the rims and tires and when I got the new ones on I went to reprogram the tpms' to the car and the manual said I had to take it to the dealership to get them to do it. I had a 2008 cts and could do it myself. Does anyone know if I can do the same procedure as the cts to reprogram them or do I need to take it into the dealer to get them to use their tool?
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I bought the reprogramming tool. I think this, going to the dealer, or not having it work correctly are the choices.
How much was the tool?
Think less than $100 from Tire Rack, not really sure. With switching tires between Summer/Winter twice a year (DIY), a lot less hassle than taking it to the dealer, even if they would do it for free.
I bought the Kent-Moore tool from Amazon, under $70 when I bought it. Takes less than 30 seconds to reprogram. I switched from winter to summer tires yesterday afternoon and reset the sensors.
I also bought the Kent-Moore tool.. And yes, 30 seconds is no exaggeration.. Super easy to do..

Just use your steering wheel control to bring up your tire pressure monitor screen.. Then press and hold the select button until the cars horn blows once.. Leaving the key fob in the car, start at the left front wheel.. Point the reprogramming tool at the tire by the valve stem, and press the button..

When the programing is complete for that tire, the horn will toot once.. Proceed clockwise around the vehicle, pointing the tool at each tire and waiting for the horn to toot.. Once you've completed the reprogramming on the left rear tire.. The horn will blow twice.. This tells you that the reprogramming has been successfully completed.. 30 seconds tops..
Just wanted to do a quick update. The old way of letting air out of the tires DOES NOT work!

I was going to buy a Kent-Moore unit but found a Cub pro-101 on craigslist and did some googling. Although it shows it only goes up to 2009 models I found a post on another forum that some guy successfully used this unit on a 2013 ATS. Ended up getting it for $10 and tried it out, it worked great! So for all those looking to get one of these tools you can add this one to the list of ones that work.
Thanks for this. I tried using the key fob method for 15 minutes to much frustration.
Any Discount Tire will do it at no charge just ask for a tire pressure check & calibration takes 2 minutes.

GM Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Re-learn

Sold by: Baogoo Solutions Inc.


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I would think that the dealer should do this as a least for the duration of the factory 'maintenance program'. It doesn't require their top ASE certified Master Tech, the lot jockey could be dispatched to do it and it takes about a minute. But that would be considered customer service.
You are correct they will at n/c. However if you enjoy doing your own tire swap outs and not have to rely on someone to do the reprogramming then for me the $10 was well worth it.
Does anyone have a suggestion on where someone in the DC metro area will replace customer supplied TPMS monitors for a reasonable price.

I bought 4 TPMS sensors for $20 each on Amazon. They are AC Delco parts correct for my Cadillac 2008 CTS.

I once talked to my dealer and they wanted $200 a wheel to buy and replace the sensor. On principle I believe this extortion based on the fact I neither want or need the TPMS system to maintain air pressure. I have an air pressure wand in my glove compartment that I have used to maintain air pressure for 30 years of driving. I would like to get rid of the TPMS warning lights that now display.

I would be willing to pay a small price ($10-$20) a wheel to have someone install the sensors I bought. Most tire shops claim they won't install customer parts. How can the dealer claim that factory sealed AC Delco parts I supply are not the equal of the parts they buy except for the 400% markup they maintain?

I refuse to submit to this. Worst case I will just put up with the damn lights.

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^^^ Should be the normal mounting and balancing charge. I don't see anyone doing that for $10 a wheel.

Try quality discount tire in Kensington, radial tire in silver spring or executive tire in Rockville. I've used them in the past. Or just go to and look at their installer list for your zip code.
I would think that the dealer should do this as a least for the duration of the factory 'maintenance program'. It doesn't require their top ASE certified Master Tech, the lot jockey could be dispatched to do it and it takes about a minute. But that would be considered customer service.
I change my tires and wheels out between winter and summer.. I took my Caddy to the closes GM Chevy dealer.. I had my Grand Prix serviced at this dealership, after Pontiac closed all of theirs..

They agreed to re-program my TPM just once.. Since I was an old customer.. From now on, they would charge me 30 bucks to do it.. I sure my Cadillac dealer would have done it at no charge.. But they are a long trip away, just for that..

BTW.. I had to show the Chevy dealer how to bring up my tire pressure screen on my ATS.. He had never seen one up close before..
Well I had some good luck at my local Caddy dealer - Jim Coleman. I brought my 2008 CTS in for an oil change and wheel rotation. I also had in hand my factory sealed Delco TPMS replacements. I was geared up for an argument but when I asked how much they would charge to install my parts they said $120 for all 4 wheels. This was a lot better than what I had previously been quoted at $800 for four wheels using only their parts. I agreed and so now I am a happy camper with no more silly messages to clear every time I start the car. I don't know why the attitude change at the dealer but it certainly made me a much more positive Cadillac customer for a change.

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I can't believe they were going to charge $800! $120 sounds much more reasonable, probably about an hour's worth of work to remove each wheel, bust one bead (I'm assuming they don't have to remove the tire and therefore re-balance it), and screw in the new sensor.
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