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Tried to search out a quick answer with no fast luck, so to save time I'm asking the field:

I have a second set of stock (sedan) wheels that I want to lighten up a bit and mount some sticky tires (slicks) to for track days. The plan is to quickly pull out my back seat (which I do at the track anyway), transport the track set in the rear seat well, and then swap at the track - and re-swap before the ride back home.

Question one is: Do I put another set of TPMS (either stock or aftermarket) in the new wheels or run without the sensors for track use? ...and if no sensors; will this cause a problem?

Question two is: If I put another set of TPMS in the wheels, do I have to reset the TPMS every time I remove or install the other set of wheels, or just do it once and be done? ...assuming I put same tire back to same location. Note I'll buy the reset tool if I have too to save time. Any other advise welcomed!

Note I haven't done my tire research yet, so I'm open to suggestions as to best (R compound?) tires to run on stock rims.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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