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TPM Confusion Lazy Question

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I should have been concerned when they ordered the same size tire for all four wheels. After that was sorted out I got the rubber and the alignment and drove away a bit poorer, but happy.

Now, a month later and it's getting hotter, so I figured I'd go over the car, checkk fluids and stuff and tune in the tire inflations back to factory spec. And that's when after a bit of head scratching (a very little bit) I discovered that the right front TPM is reporting to the left on-screen indicator and the left front TPM is reporting to the right on-screen indicator.

I believe that this is addressable from the driver's seat, but I don't remember how to do it. Can someone please spare me the research and point me in the right (or left) direction? Thanks in advance.
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You'll need a TPMS trigger (which you didn't say you had, so I'm mentioning it). The one I have is overkill and it's called a VT-15, I think. Anywho, with the engine running or in service mode (with your foot off the brake hold the Start button for 10 seconds and the car will fully start up all systems except for the engine), switch to the tire pressure screen in the DIC (gauge cluster screen) and hold in the select button until your horn beeps. Then hold the trigger tool near the inflation tube of the front driver's side wheel (mine actually triggers better through the tire treads than right next to it through the rim) until your horn beeps. Repeat at the front passenger, then rear passenger, then rear driver. On the last one, the horn will beep twice and you're done.
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