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TPM Confusion Lazy Question

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I should have been concerned when they ordered the same size tire for all four wheels. After that was sorted out I got the rubber and the alignment and drove away a bit poorer, but happy.

Now, a month later and it's getting hotter, so I figured I'd go over the car, checkk fluids and stuff and tune in the tire inflations back to factory spec. And that's when after a bit of head scratching (a very little bit) I discovered that the right front TPM is reporting to the left on-screen indicator and the left front TPM is reporting to the right on-screen indicator.

I believe that this is addressable from the driver's seat, but I don't remember how to do it. Can someone please spare me the research and point me in the right (or left) direction? Thanks in advance.
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I went thru this BS when I swapped 18's for 17's. I bought a VT15 for my ATS and 08 Corvette.

But, my POS Scat Pack auto senses the change and updates within about 1/2 mile of driving.

OBTW - I lost a rear tire (285x35/19) off the Corvette due to a tire rotation and the dealer did not due the update and I was to stupid to figure it out.
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