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On our Sentra forum we are starting to organize our first annual Toys for Tot's drive. I was just wondering if it would be possible to do something along those lines on this board as well. Here is what the owner of our board said on our board.

Holiday greeting and cheer to all of you from the staff of! We hope that all of you have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

As we reflect back on the year, our thoughts turn to those whose year did not go so well. This is the time when "giving back" is needed. Holiday times for most are a happy and joyous time spent with family, friends and loved ones. (Although after a few hours with the family, the garage is starting to look good.) However, there are many who do not get a chance to travel, or buy toys for their kids, or even have a good meal. This year would like to do our part by giving to those less fortunate that ourselves.

We are organizing an auction on this site to raise money for the Toys for Tots Foundation. Our vendors and advertisers have really stepped up and are donating parts to be sold on this auction! All of the proceeds will go to the Toys for Tots Foundation. Every penny goes to the kids.

We will list all the details of the auction, parts being offered, starting bid, method of payment and so forth in the next week. We will also describe how the auction will work. To wet your appetite, we have already received things such as motor mount inserts, cold air intakes, rear tail lights, shift boot sets, and much more!

Once we have raised the money, the funds will be presented to the Toys for Tots Foundation in the name of you, the community! We will supply photos and so forth when the funds are given.

We know you might be able to buy the parts cheaper somewhere else (by the close of the auction) but saving a few bucks is miniscule in comparison to the greater good this auction is trying to accomplish. We encourage you to participate in this soon to be annual event. We cannot guarantee the cheapest price We can assure you a warm feeling in your heart knowing that you have just made a child's Christmas very special.

In closing, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you all will participate in some way to bring some level of warmth to these children, and into your own life. the greatest gift you can give yourself is giving of yourself to others.

Thank you all...

The Staff
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