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Total Value Study Puts Toyota , GM At Top

The tenth annual Strategic Vision Total Value Study released today shows that Toyota, GM, and Honda are atop consumers' rankings in an annual look at which cars, trucks, and crossovers consumers perceive to give the best value for the dollar. Toyota ranked atop seven categories, spread out among cars and trucks nearly evenly. And though it was behind Asian competition and some European brands, General Motors also placed highly in the survey, with four first-place winners among the categories with vehicles like the Cadillac XLR and Chevy Tahoe topping consumers' value lists. Ford ranked atop just one category, in comparison, while Chrysler had no first-place finishers in the survey. Honda was the top-rated, full-line carmaker with four vehicles topping their segments, while BMW also ranked atop four categories when the MINI brand is included. In one particular total-value metric, fuel economy, MINI and Scion were rated the top brands, while HUMMER and Land Rover were put at the bottom of the list. And of the observations made of the data collected from consumers, Strategic Vision says that the most troubling could be that incentives don't create value in the mind of consumers; in fact, incentives are generally associated with lower total-value scores. The Total Value Study surveyed over 69,000 model-year 2005 new-vehicle buyers who purchased their vehicles during the October 2004 to March 2005 time period. Buyers were asked an extensive array of questions about their complete ownership experience including buying, owning, and driving their new vehicles. They were then asked about factors related to their economic experiences and expectations (e.g., price paid, fuel economy, reliability, and resale value).
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