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2005 Deville
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My name is Jonny. I am from Calabasas, CA a small town approximately 8 miles north of Malibu. I own a 2005 DeVille. I am having some problems with it.
I was driving back home from Las Vegas and about 3 hours into the trip I noticed that the engine temp gauge was climbing. I pulled over and let it cool
down enough to remove the coolant cap. I poured 2ea 8 oz. bottles of water in and drove to a gas station nearby. I removed the cap again and it boiled over
several times while I poured cold water in with engine running. After a while it the temp remained cool. I continued my drive home without incident. Several days
later I drove about 25 miles and it started to overheated again.

I flushed the system and replaced the thermostat and radiator cap. So far no problems with local driving. Am going to San Francisco in a week and am a
little worried. Anyone have an opinion?
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