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Loads of new options. When pricing - be careful.... it's very tricky this year. You select one pacakge of 5 items, and then you select another package & 1 or 2 items from the first package are also included in the 2nd package, but 3 items in the second pacakge are not in the first package. Many are listed alone, by themselves. It pretty tricky and takes a while to wade thru.
Very beautiful new 2-tone interiors. When I first saw them, I hated it. It looked like a line worker put the wrong seats in the car, but as I more carefully studied the photo I saw that the seat color was brought forward to the dash, and steering wheel. It's a like it or hate it thing, or it has to grow on you. If you do the DTS and go full tilt boogie with Luxury Level III and the Performance Group, and the Ultra package and and and you are going to be flirting with a $ 65,000 MSRLP.
It's going to be a slow seller, but by no reasons of its own, just that the majority of people looking to spend $60,000 ++ on a new car are infected with Mercede-itis or BMWdisease, and for their $60,000 they want a mer-SAY-deees, no matter WTF it is, doesn't matter, just along as it's a mer-SAY-dees ! Other competition, such as Lincoln's Town Car listing at $51,000 with every toy is enjoying a $10,000 rebate/discount, bringing a fully fully loaded example to $41,000. Hard to beat.
You'll notice that Cadillac obviously thinks alot of the new Volvo S80 (as do I), and has adopted the S80s Blind Passing feature as well as S80s lane change feature and other tidbits introduced last December on the then new 2007 S80.
Sadly Caddy still cannot master 2 things that I love on my Town Car. The Power closing from fully opened posistion trunk lid, (great when arms are full of grocery bags) nor the driver door mounted key pad to lock, unlock, secure, and open & close trunk lid. Once you've had it, it's very hard to live without. Greatest convenience on a modern day car, IMHO.
Looks like the famous Cadillac Stand Up Hood Ornament has finally bit the dust. 2007 & 2006 it was a factory installed option, for $100.00. I never ever saw even 1 unit with it ! Guess it was like a 2% installation rate or something.
It's dead, now. Unthinkable! A Caddy without a hood ornament,WHAT are they thinking ?? ??
Go here:-
to: New Car Pricing,
enter Cadillac and then,
enter DTS / STS /CTS. etc.... They are ALL there !!!!
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