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I remember reading in my new '06 3.6L owner's manual that the top speed of the car is limited to a specific MPH speed, based on the rating of the supplied tires, as a saftey measure. They weren't any more specific about the exact speed, anyone know what this is, what if you buy higher rated tires, is there a way to reset this value to another ... ?? ... The Dealer had added/swapped the stock wheels / tires , w/ 235/55 17 Vogue Tires on the vehicle I had purchased - 06 BlackBerry CTS 3.6 w/ Lux pkg & Sunroof, chrome mesh grill top & bottom ... Also, anyone know of a website / tech info on Vogue Tyres .. can't find anything but a few retailers by searching the web ....

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Well.. a tire has a 'speed rating' in which the tire is safe up-to that speed.. I like talking tires... :)

You write 235/55 (missing rating)17 (or rating on this side) If you look on the side where it show the size. You will find one of the letters below. Like on my Goodyear RS-A they show 235/55R17 98W. So mine has a "W" so I look on the list below. So mine is rated for up to 168mph. Now, I would not do 168 or a 140 on these crappy Goodyears!!

Here are the ratings..
M 81 mph
N 87 mph Temporary Spare Tires
P 93 mph
Q 99 mph Studless & Studdable Winter Tires
R 106 mph
S 112 mph
T 118 mph
U 124 mph
H 130 mph
V 149 mph
W 168 mph
Y 186 mph

Z Rated (example 225/55ZR15)
ZR excess of 149mph
ZR "Size" 88W 168mph (example 225/55ZR15 88W)
ZR "Size" 99Y 186 mph (example 225/55ZR15 99Y)

And of course those 200 mph Bansi types.. ZR 'size' (99Y)

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for the '05 and up you can get a performance programmer to set a higher top speed if you want... :)

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If there's a limiter on a CTS, I've found it usually sets in @ 125 MPH, which is the case on my car with the stock (or dealer supplied) tires.

There was a time where the car did not have a limiter and could go up to around 145 or so. That's pretty much the top speed, no limit involved.
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