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I've got another thread going on this but thought i'd throw it open to all.
I'm going to replace lifters and pushrods on my 76 Coupe De Ville 500ci engine. I have a 'clatter' and after removing the valve covers I found two dry pushrods on the right hand side of the V. I figure they are clogged and they may also be bent as a result of getting 'dry'.
Ok I am about to order my parts and get into "Mechanic' mode !

Can I just replace the lifters, push rods and valve springs...apart from gaskets, oil filter, oil, what other parts need replacing...valve seals have been they require head removal or can they be replaced with heads in situ ? Are there any other parts thet I need to replace i.e. valve retainers, keepers, o rings etc ? I do intend to replace the water pump while the car is in 'the garage'. The timing set may be too much for me at this point but maybe replaced by a shop soon.
I eventaully want to completely rebuild the engine with those nice ally heads, rocker set and uprated pistons rods et al but that'll have to wait until I get another hit song !.
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