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74 Eldorado
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Ok,,,, i just got my 74 eldo 500 cid home saturday.

I pulled all the plugs (big boys) last night, and sprayed the cylinders, a couple of plugs looked kinda of oily (good sign). I decided to only do a top end rebuild on it, if the motor isn't locked up... If the motor is locked up then i will be rebuilding from Top to Bottom....
I'll find out in a couple of days...:stirpot:

It was running and in great shape when parked 10yrs ago.

Right now I'm thinking: Valve job, starter, alternator, plugs,wires, Carburetor, cap, fuel pump, cleaning and re-sealing gas tank and radiator,

I'm keeping it stock, so i guess i have to keep the same intake in order to run the A/C.

Am I on the right track????:yup:

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You will find yourself replacing valve guides, maybe new pushrods as well. Valve springs are probably pretty tired as well.

I would do more than just a new cap on the distributer. How about cap, rotor, coil, etc. MSD, Pertronix, and Proform all make kits. Just make sure you keep the stock springs and weights. They are much higher quality than the taiwanese crap that comes with kits.

Are you going to rebuild the carb, get a new one, or what? I would suggest sticking with the Quadrajet. You could run a pre-egr intake if you wanted a bit better flow, while still retaining the a/c.
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