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What are the top 5 things you love about your CTS and hate about your CTS?

Here are mine:

1. Aggressive, High Tech Styling :cool2:

2. Performance (I know I don't have a V, but the 3.6L kicks total ass)
3. Comfort
4. Feature rich ( I have all sorts of goodies with the luxury/sport package)
5. Reliability (although I do have 1 complaint, see below)

1. Black paint peeling off my Nav buttons
2. Black paint peeling off my Nav buttons
3. Black paint peeling off my Nav buttons
4. Black paint peeling off my Nav buttons
5. Black paint peeling off my Nav buttons

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Performance and reasonable economy.
Not real expensive for a Cadillac.
Kind of reminds me of a sport handling muscle car. ( that's a new category )
I know alot of people who paid as much or more for a lesser car.
Easy to wash.

Tire wear issue.
Steering wheel controls.
My own fault. I bought it used and it did not come with seat heaters. Now I am freezing my ass off at 5am.
More concerned about door dings, rock chips etc. than previous cars.
Wipers interfere with each other when lifting them up.

Not really much to gripe about really...:bouncy:

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Likes and Dislikes in Rank Order:

1.) Styling
2.) Performance
3.) Cadillac Marquee
4.) Seat comfort and interior dimensions
5.) Sport/winter modes on the automatic transmission


1.) Not getting the 6speed like I should have
2.) Not getting the sport package like I should have
3.) Not getting the luxury package like I should have
4.) Not getting the DVD navigation like I should have
5.) Not getting the 5.7L V8 like I should have

Just kidding...

Honestly dislikes?

1.) No remote start/wireless keyfob
2.) trunk pain in the ass to open
3.) no automatic shifter gate (05 model)
4.) cracking of the dash as it warms up in the morning
5.) amount of wind noise with the windows down, especaially with the rear windows up.
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