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Too much Escalade?

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So do anyone like the new Suburban Escalade? I think its a bit over-kill now with 3 different version of it in GMC, Chevy, and now Cadillac.
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You all know that if you REALLY wanted an escalade you could go to your local chevy dealer and buy a tahoe/suburban/avalance and order the available escalade front clip (and tail lights of you really want 'em) and have it put on and still save around $7000...right?
there is no suck........excuse me, such thing as a "luxury minivan" as i said before the escalade is just an over priced tahoe with a different front clip
You know what KC.....I think I like your wife, she seems to have the same taste i have in cadillacs
Lol...dont flatter yourself KC....and devil guy, "and a tuned vortec with higher output" they wouldnt buy an suv to go fast......"better awd system", who cares......"cadillac emblem", now those are pretty.
yes, i suppse.....personally, i think they are a waste of money, thats all i'm trying to say...that stuff is true though
Dude......Don't even get me started on H2's!!!!
I have a hard time debating which is uglier!
In California we get pulled over for having the stereo too loud almost every weekend. I ride along with my friend in his little mini truck and we blast that stereo 'till we cant hear. It's quite fun because we will pull up next to some old lady and all she will hear is the bass and think "damn those kids with their rap music" then we roll the window down and she hears calssical or opera and she freaks out. TIS funny
Ralph, I would like to mention to you that when you say that I live in a larger metropolitan makes me cry. I wish I lived in a larger area, you see, I live in a quiet little town called visalia, there is nothing to do here, the weather is horrible, about 4 people speak english(everyone else speaks spanish only) and it is just too small. We do have very good cruising nights though. Anyone who has been to visalia know not to come back unless they have to.
You can get kicked from threads? (yeah...escalade)
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